Ace of Hearts

Ace of Hearts – The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Card Challenge!
Welcome to the world of Ace of Hearts, a delightful card game with a Valentine’s Day theme that will warm your heart and put your card-playing skills to the test. Whether you’re celebrating love with someone special or embracing the joys of being single, this game is a perfect match for you!
Ace of Hearts Gameplay:
Love-Filled Solitaire: Dive into a captivating game of solitaire that captures the essence of Valentine’s Day. You’ll find yourself surrounded by romantic colors, hearts, and all things lovey-dovey.
Three Levels of Fun: Ace of Hearts offers three exciting levels of gameplay. Each level is timed, adding an element of urgency to your card-solving adventure. Act quickly and efficiently to complete each level before time runs out.
Unique Card Rules: Unlike traditional solitaire games, Ace of Hearts challenges you to create a single foundation regardless of suit. Start with Ace and build up to King, then restart the sequence until you’ve utilized all the cards. This twist adds a layer of complexity to the game.
Submit Your Score: Test your card-playing skills and see how well you’ve done compared to other players. Submit your score at the end of the game to compete with fellow card enthusiasts.
How do I play Ace of Hearts?
To play Ace of Hearts, your goal is to move all the cards to a single foundation. You must build upward, regardless of suit, starting from Ace to King and then from Ace again. On the tableau, build downward by suit. You can move groups of cards regardless of their sequence. Empty spaces can be filled with Kings. Click on the deck for a new set of cards to play.
What makes Ace of Hearts different from other solitaire games?
Ace of Hearts features a unique rule where you must create a single foundation regardless of suit, starting from Ace to King and repeating the sequence. This adds a challenging twist to the traditional solitaire gameplay.
How is scoring determined in Ace of Hearts?
In Ace of Hearts, your score is determined based on your performance in completing the game. The faster you complete a level, the higher your score will be. You can submit your score at the end of the game to compare it with other players.
Ace of Hearts invites you to embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day while testing your card-playing skills. Whether you’re a seasoned solitaire enthusiast or a newcomer to the game, the love-filled challenge of Ace of Hearts awaits. Play now and experience the joy of cards and romance!

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