Snow Queen 4

Prepare for a frosty challenge in “Snow Queen 4,” the latest installment of this captivating matching game series. The Snow Queen has returned, and once again, her icy touch has frozen everything in its path, leaving the elves trapped in a chilling spell. Now, it falls upon you to unleash your strategic thinking and tactical prowess to match together the mystical stones, freeing various elements and breaking the enchantment that binds the elves.
Unlike other mindless matching games, “Snow Queen 4” offers a unique twist by introducing specific goals you must achieve to progress through each level. For example, in the initial stage, your mission is to set free all the fragments of a butterfly to claim victory. However, you must keep a close eye on the timer, as running out of time means losing the level. With a total of 25 levels filled with adventure and challenges, only your clever matching skills can lead to victory over the Snow Queen.
1. How do I play “Snow Queen 4”?
In “Snow Queen 4,” your goal is to match winter stones by flipping them over. On your desktop computer or mobile device, use your mouse to point and click on the stones to flip them. If you’re playing on a mobile device, simply use your finger to tap and flip the stones. To advance through the game, you must achieve specific goals in each level, such as freeing all the pieces of a particular element. Watch the timer to ensure you complete the level in time.
2. What are the objectives of the game?
The main objective of “Snow Queen 4” is to break the spell cast by the Snow Queen by matching stones and freeing various elements. Each level has specific goals you must accomplish to progress. For instance, you may need to free all the pieces of a butterfly or other elements. Successfully achieving these objectives is essential to defeat the Snow Queen.
3. How many levels are there in “Snow Queen 4”?
“Snow Queen 4” features a total of 25 levels for you to conquer. Each level presents unique challenges and goals that become progressively more complex as you advance through the game. Can you overcome all 25 levels and emerge victorious against the Snow Queen’s icy grip?

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